Nail Cutters (13cm)
Nail Cutters (13cm)
Nail Cutters (13cm)
Nail Cutters (13cm)

Nail Cutters (13cm)

AD/3030 AD/7111T

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AD Globals AD/3030. Size 13 cm. Cutting blades size 20 mm. Unique design, Can be separated in 2 parts. Easy to clean.

To separate: Open the cutter in full jaw, push with lefthand and pull with righthand. Made with Japanese steel.

  • Incredibly sharp - stunning results. Made of Japanese steel, nail trimmers from AD Global are hand sharpened to perfection. The result: a flawless manicure or pedicure.

  • AD Globals salon-quality clippers and pushers meet the demanding needs of spas and salons. Made of extremely hard steel, AD Global metal cuticle remover blades hold an edge for far longer than the competition. Care is simple: disinfect in Barbicide or a UV sterilizer, then wipe the surface with a soft cloth after each use. Oil the rivet and blades occasionally.

  • Ideal for clipping dead skin, hangnail, thick ingrown toenails, and small callus. High polished, chrome finish helps protect against rust and provides a touch of glamour.

  • Each AD Global nipper is handcrafted with care. We offer a 100% guarantee against manufacturing issues or defects.

Previously AD/7111T