Slant Tip Tweezers
Slant Tip Tweezers
Slant Tip Tweezers
Slant Tip Tweezers

Slant Tip Tweezers


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AD Global Professional Precision Eyebrow Hair Plucking Tweezers

  • AD/0025. Slant tip tweezers great for general use, Extremely light weigh
  • Keep your brows beautifully in shape with this Tweezers.
  • Featuring specially aligned tips – you’re guaranteed to grab those stubborn stray hairs even single time.
  • These professional grade ultra precise slanted tip Tweezers are ergonomically designed for a perfect grip and easy removal of even the tiniest, shortest and most stubborn eyebrows, facial and other unwanted hairs and has been produced from the best quality stainless steel with matt surface.
  • TO USE: Remove hairs from below the brow line, tweezing in the direction of hair growth. Tweeze after shower or bath as this is when your pores will be open, making it less painful.

The following advice will help you to achieve the best possible results.
Thoroughly clean the required area of skin, removing any cosmetic products.
Grasp individual hairs close to the root and use a sharp plucking action, in the direction of growth, to remove each hair.

Hair removal is more effective if the areas of skin is gently stretched with the fingers.